Eero Tähtinen

Birthday: 26.6.1988

Unis: 24" Nimbus Muni 2005, 20" Qu-ax Trial 10-spline Hub

I started (M)unicycling in the summer of year 2005. So, my first uni was a Nimbus and since obtaining it I've been riding in the woods, mostly. Later in the summer I got interested in Trials. Before the end of August I had bought a Qu-ax trials, because I wasn't able to resist the temptation of getting one. Since that I've been doing mostly Trials, but I haven't deserted my MUni yet! No way! Every now and then I just have to snatch my Nimbus and go zooming around the neighborhood on it! I can't decide in which I'm more interested nowadays, MUni or Trials, but is it really essential? Both are just awesome! Maybe I'll start doing some Freestyle in the future...